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Palfique Omnichroma, Palfique Asteria, Estelite® Sigma Quick,Estelite® Posterior, Estelite® Alpha,Palfique LX5,

Bonding Agents

Palfique Universal Bond,One-Up® Bond F Plus,Palfique Bond,Tokuyama® EE-Bond, Tokuyama® Etching Gel HV

Denture Relines

Tokuyama® REBASE II, Sofreliner TOUGH® M, Sofreliner TOUGH® S / MS/S / S, Silicone Remover,Tokuso® REBASE MR.BOND,

100% committed to Innovating Tomorrow's Dentistry

Tokuyama Dental draws on nearly a century of accomplishments and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in today's dentistry. Operating on a global scale, our mission is to listen to your needs, incorporate your voice into the development of innovative products, and ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality. Tokuyama Dental is characterized by cutting-edge technology and developing specialty products that improve your daily life.

At Tokuyama Dental, our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation thrives from a strong link between our company, and visionary Dental Professionals who shape the future of dentistry.

Our spirit is embodied in five values which represent the vary essence of Tokuyama Dental and will always continue to do so.

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Single Shade, Structurally Colored Universal Composite designed to match every tooth shade of Composite


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